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09 March 2009 @ 01:42 pm
I failed in an unexpected way.  
My sister told me that I should went to meet him only when I felt self-confident. If I'm not, then just don't. And recently I thought that I already have enough confidence. I keep muttering to myself that I could do it as easily as ABC, that I was older than him so why I had to be nervous. As long as I act naturally, everything's gonna be fine, I just need to say 3 sentences - I tried hard to convince myself like this.

Ironically, no sooner had I just seen him from far-away than I was completely blushed like a beet. My legs shook crazily, butterflies in my stomach and I couldn't do anything but keep whining with my friend that I wouldn't do it. Then watched him left, without saying anything I was supposed to say. No one but I broke my plan alone.

I still couldn't believe that I let my chance go by in a wink this way until I was at home. I was so good a fool. To be worse, I think he must feel something fishy. He kept turning his head round and looking at us as if he would ran away the instant we said something. DAMN. =_=;;

Tomorrow, I will try again !! Oh my confidence, please come back ...
Current Music: Mondialito - Rainy green grass
uttchan: temptationuttchan on March 13th, 2009 06:11 am (UTC)

Suddenly I found this entry and that seems interesting to me

Oh girl, have I ever by chance told you that long time ago I fell for one fellow too....

I wanna share my story, just for sharing feeling, nothing other, then listen girl ^^

Okie, the first time I saw him was when I was at grade 7, and he's grade 6. One year younger than me, handsome, so white and delicate skin.... exactly my type at that time. I fell for him immediately. Dont know why :)), oh my childish mind.

That was a very happy, yet also a hard time for me. I really really liked him much and i decided to find out who was that. It took time for me to find out his class coz I only had chance to meet him in physical training class. We all wore physical training uniform, and that's why i knew he's younger than me :)).

I rammed around the school crazily, asked everyone i knew to find him :)). You couldnt imagine the wild crazy me at that time :)). And just by chance, I saw him at "Bot chien" food store :)), wearing his school uniform ;)), that time helped me to find his class, his name (his friend called out his name) :)), so funny....

Uhm, after finding out his class plus his name, i always took my eyes on him. I tried to talk to him and tried to be friend of his friends. Later, I heard so many one told me that he's gay T"T. Poor me. He ignored me, he seemed to scared of me. I didnt believe in what people told me. I had my own way of caring and loving. My love for him lasted for 3 years, until i graduated from that school. Sometimes I did crazy thing like entering his classroom and left him some letters, tried to catch his eyes and tried to talk to him. Sometimes i felt hurt coz he never response. Time passed by and I forgot already.... Maybe just like others telling, he did not have feeling for girls, that's why I was a failure.... However, chasing after a young boy is still a very interesting experience :)). Whenever my mind recalls about that period of time, I always feel happy.... That was not so bad coz' i always had my friend support me ^^

Fighting :D ^o^

pack your suitcase with my heartbeats: *lady & the trampckru on March 13th, 2009 04:15 pm (UTC)
Nooo, you never told me that story ! We, once again, have another thing in common huh ? ;)) at least about fave guy type. The little one I currently have interested in is somehow alike yours, he is pinky-white and very delicate. His eyelashes are just so girl-alike. =\ Do you know Kim Hyesung, the male actor casting Juno on Jenny & Juno ? He looks like Kim Hyesung, and as a result his outlook makes me fall head over heels with him the first time we meet. :"> I'm never good at controlling myself not to fall for beauty.

I've also done many things like you in the past, but probably I'm a little luckier since the little boy I like seems not to scared of me. He is quite sociable than I expected and he even gave me his cellphone number today ♥ Yes, I was successful in getting acquaintance with him. Now I'm just confused 'cause I don't know how I send sms to him without letting him know my bad intention. :))

Thanks for sharing your story with me, I really appreciate. Thanks to it, I feel more confident. ^^ I already decide to make first move since I really want him XD.

chasing after a young boy is still a very interesting experience

I giggled all the time I typed 'cause of this one. :DD It's totally true !

THANK YOU AGAIN ♥ * hugs *