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17 February 2010 @ 05:55 am
SUCH A SHITE GAME. * even Lady Gaga feels that too ='( *  
I'm officially fed up with soccer. I'm never gonna watch soccer AGAIN - oh girl come on it's such a big fat LIE you can never do that. Tonight is a big disappointment. Real Madrid is never fail to break my heart at the moment I start to gather some hope on them. -_- Nothing has changed so far, I hate the fear that always coming up whenever I watch a Champions league match of them. Manchester United has just beaten Milan which is the thing we couldn't do. I'm so missing the good old days when we beat Bayern and MU as easily as abc . . .

Now I don't even want to think of any opponents, both in Liga and CL, but I can't help wondering what R.M would do in the second leg with Lyon the next 2 weeks. They will surely park a bus. We will not be able to either possess the ball or score just a single goal. *blame it on Lady Luck too !* Then our defence screw up. They score an away goal and the story ends here. Seriously are we gonna give up our decima dream in that way ? Could it be more pathetic ? Dx

Well I'm not gonna think of what's going to happen afterward. I must stop whining and back to bed, try to catch a snap before all pessimistic thoughts and supposition take over me. I've just shocked to find that I couldn't locate where the spacebar is, see, it's how football affects me. T_T Analyzing the match can wait until the next morning.
Current Mood: depressed
Current Music: birds singing outside.